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We can’t wait to have you here at Blades Barber and Beauty Salon Suites. We’re ready with a wide variety of services for you from our salon, barber, and beauty suites.

Come see our suites and take a tour of what could be your new salon. Our professional staff will help get you the service you need when you take a tour of our rentable suite. We’ll also be happy to provide consultation in case you need help with options, so don’t hesitate to approach us and ask!

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We want you to have the best possible experience in our suites, so you can be sure we’re pulling out all the stops to give you exactly that. But first, it would help us a great deal if you could give us a little more information about you.

Come take a tour of our salon, and see what your new salon has to offer. Contact us in Houston, TX today, and one of our partners will be happy to give you a tour, introduce you to a few of our members, and give you an inside look at what it’s like to run your own business out of Blades! Reserve a suite today!